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Welcome to the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center 


"Preserving the Montana Cowboy, Western Heritage and Indian Culture for  Future Generations."

We wish to create and maintain a tribute that all Montanans can be proud of...a place where we can reflect back on the roots of our beginnings and be glad of where we came from. Our aim is to showcase the lives of true Montana cowboys and how they entertwined with the rich cultural heritage of Native Americans and settlers of Montana.

The Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage Center will be another way in which we, as Montanans, will preserve a way of life we love and cherish.  Please join us in building this lasting tribute!

Growing Our Homestead: Donations of Livestock and Grain

Producers may take advantage of the opportunity to donate a commodity of their choice to the MCHF & WHC – before it is sold at market.  Therefore, the producer will not have taxable income from the sale. By arranging to donate livestock or grain, the producer can reduce their tax liability, while also being able to deduct related production costs on their income taxes. 

Tax savings may be realized on federal income tax, state income tax and self‐employment tax, depending on your specific circumstances. It is possible that by donating these commodities to a charity prior to sale, the producer may realize a tax advantage greater than if you simply made a cash donation to the charity after the sale of your commodity. 

As always, you should seek advisement from your accounting/tax professional when making charitable gifts.

Please download the HOMESTEADERS CAMPAIGN - Guide To Making Gifts Of Livestock & Grain pdf document for further information and steps to proceed.

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